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Information about Museums-Online

What is Museums-Online?

MMuseums-Online is a search portal for finding objects in the participating collections.
Museums-Online provides references to publicly accessible metadata and documents in the linked online databases of the participating museums and collections.
Museums-Online provides a full text search with the option to limit your query to a selection of institutions.

How does Museums-Online work?

Museums-Online is a meta search engine, which sends your query to the linked databases, where it is processed. The results are sent back to Museums-Online, where they are listed in descending order depending on their delivery time.
Thus, all the publicly accessible data of the participating institutions is available in the latest version of description.
By clicking on a hit in the result list you can open the online database of the selected institution in a new window where you will get more detailed information about your hit.

Operational sequence of the meta search engine in Museums-Online.

Who operates Museums-Online?

Museums-Online is provided by a working group of the representatives of partner institutions under the aegis of the Swiss Museums Association. However each of the affiliated institution or collection is responsible for the content of the delivered results.

The museums-online working group consists of :
  • Andrea Arnold, Historisches Museum Basel
  • Fabian Müller, Schweizerisches Nationalmuseum
  • Johannes Sauter, Museum de la Communication Berne
  • Dario Donati, Schweizerisches Nationalmuseum
  • Dominik Remondino, Musées d'art et d'histoire Genève
  • Christophe Plattet, responsable technique de
and the Swiss Museum Association.

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